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About Secure Lives Children Service

Secure Lives provides exceptional accommodation as well as key support to children and young people aged eight up to eighteen years.

A defining characteristic of Secure Lives is providing secure attachment and safety for children and young people in all areas of their lives, in repairing past hurt and harm that may have preceded their arrival at Secure Lives.

The ethos around Secure Lives Children Service house is therapeutic in design, to help the children and young people to recover from their traumatic past through trauma-informed and attachment-based practice.

Secure Lives considers that children and young people’s difficult and challenging behaviours as well as offending behaviour are, in most instances, the result of unresolved trauma and early childhood adversity.

To this end therefore children and young people who are in Secure Lives’ property will receive;

Our vision, mission and values

Children Support Services | Young People Support Services

Children Support Services
Secure Lives’ vision is for every child and young person to be safe, loved & happy, to achieve their potential and have a bright future. Our mission is to create brighter futures for children and young people. We do this by providing fostering, residential and support services where children and young people can feel safe and cared for. We support them to make positive relationships which give them the confidence to succeed.
Young People Support Services


We care about children, young people and our staff. We know that trusting relationships transform lives, and our staff and carers work to promote positive relationships with children, young people, and their families and friends. We are always looking to improve how we work together within Secure Lives and how we work with our commissioners and supporters.


We are respectful of every individual, and value the strengths in everyone. Our approach is founded on a commitment to individual human rights. We value our teams for what they bring and the way they support children and young people to be who they want to be.


We are honest about what we can do, and optimistic about the future. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver, and we strive to achieve more.


We are flexible and agile so that we can be fit for the future. We do everything we can to respond to the individual and changing needs of the young people we look after, and to respond to what each of our commissioners want us to deliver.


We are professional and committed to reflection and continuous learning. We have high standards, and we learn and improve by reflecting together.

Creative /Consideration

We are creative, and passionate about positive change. The best insights into how to create change come when we listen to children and young people. We do things together and have fun together so that we can create energy and enthusiasm for change. We are innovative, push boundaries, and use data and evidence to continually improve.

Secure Lives is run by qualified and experienced personnel who are hardworking, compassionate and professional.

Staff has best interest of young people at heart.

Staff at the centre keep young people at the centre of their practice, help them grow their self-belief, and prepare them for reintegration into the community.

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Children Support Services | Young People Support Services