Secure Lives provides exceptional accommodation

Secure Lives provides exceptional accommodation as well as key support to children and young people aged eight and eighteen years.

A defining characteristic of Secure Lives is providing secure attachment and safety for children and young people in all areas of their lives, in repairing past hurt and harm that may have preceded their arrival at Secure Lives.

The ethos around the house is therapeutic in design, to help the children and young people to recover from their traumatic past through trauma-informed and attachment-based practice.

Secure Lives considers that children and young people’s difficult and challenging behaviors as well as offending behavior are, in most instances, the result of unresolved trauma and early childhood adversity. To this end therefore children and young people who are in Secure Lives’ property will receive;

  • A presumption of support to identify and address early childhood trauma and adversity, known and unknown,
  • Psycho-social screening, assessment and intervention, with appropriate permissions from parents, caregivers or corporate parents,
  • An educational assessment, planning learning programme for all children and young people or support in entering training or employment,
  • Support to access family where it is deemed appropriate or experience surrogate families,
  • And a safe, trusting environment, where the children and young people are able to exercise age-appropriate choice, control and pursue mutual goals with us as a service.