Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-Informed Practice

Most children and young people referred to Secure Lives Children Service tend to have lived through early childhood traumatic events and adverse events. These children and young people in most instances will have experienced such exposure in interpersonal relationships, mostly at home or community at the hands of adults and other children and young people. 

Traumatic experiences shatter the assumption that the world is inherently safe. Such experiences alter the way an individual perceives their environment and relationships, leading them to expect danger, especially from situations that are similar to the context of the original trauma. 

Instead, it follows that best practice in trauma-informed care ought to be defined in terms of ongoing processes, approaches and values, rather than fixed procedures. 

Our homes and praxis, therefore, have to be compassionate, create reparatory opportunities as well as therapeutic moments to allow a systemic internal healing process for the children and young people. 

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